Review: Empty Lungs – Don’t Get It EP

It’s not been an easy road for Empty Lungs. Despite the setbacks posed by house fires, financial struggles and being from a small island on the left-hand side of England, the band have never let anything get in their way. Previously releasing a string of brilliantly lively EPs and singles. The next in that line is ‘Don’t Get It’, an EP that, if all is right, will see them launched towards the heady heights of commercial acceptance.

What ‘Don’t Get It’ uses to its strengths so well is how quickly it comes and goes. By the time you’ve listened through it once, you already want to delve in again straight away. Rather than overstaying their welcome, Empty Lungs drip-feed you their music and leave you craving more. As you begin to register how fucking infectious the groove of the title track is, you’re already knee deep in the breeziness and joviality of ‘Losing It. Finding It’.

Before you have time to process its 90’s leaning build up and indie rock sensibilities, the burrowing optimism of ‘Fragile’ rounds off this all too quick trio of songs perfectly with pop hooks and devilish bounce. It all culminates as a thoroughly enjoyable 9 minutes of listening that manages to get stuck in your head from the first time you hear it, and not many bands can honestly say they possess that power.

‘Don’t Get It’ is a swift, sharp shot of sunshine in an otherwise grey sky. Continuing their streak of producing of consistently rousing and memorable punk rock, Empty Lungs have once again pricked up the ears and reminded people of why they should be on board with them. If they carry on at this rate they will be more than just a song stuck in your head.


‘Don’t Get It’ EP by Empty Lungs is released on 10th March on Hidden Pony Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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