Review: Energy – Under The Mask EP

Even the briefest of glances at the rise of Creeper tells you everything you need to know about why a band like Energy might see an opportunity. Goth-punk is back with a gloomy bang, and the Boston band are back to self-releasing records on their label Shadowland Productions.

This doesn’t mean their tuneful horror-punk has changed one jot, or that their influences any less Misfits-shaped, but it hints that their creative juices will be flowing without restraint. Having recently toured with Creeper themselves, Energy may have found inspiration in seeing first hand this latest wave of success for punk rock that is more than a little like their own.

Over six tracks, there is largely the right balance of the solemn (the title track’s doom-laden riff) and the surprisingly fun (‘I Killed Your Boyfriend’ is everything you’d expect from its title – a grisly hoot). Frontman Jason “TANK” Tankerly duly channels the spirit of Davey Havok and Michale Graves on tight, poppy melodies that carry purpose throughout.

‘The Shape Retreats’ is purely a thirty-second thunder clap, while ‘The Witching Hour’ opens with almost laughably predictable church bells, but it comes as a relief that this is the extent of the histrionics. It certainly takes nothing away from the breakneck hooks of ‘A Prayer For Rain’ or the closing seconds of ‘Leave Me Alone’, which manages to make its clumsy rhymes somewhat affecting.

Having been around for over a decade, Energy show no sign of changing their angle on ‘Under The Mask’. It sounds like they are having nothing short of a great time on this EP, continuing to pay tribute to their horror-punk influences while carrying the flame for the genre in 2017. This is worth seventeen minutes of anyone’s time as a bit of good, dark fun.


‘Under The Mask’ EP by Energy is released on 21st July on Shadowland Productions.

Energy links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Peter Stewart (@PeteStew_)


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