Review: Godstopper – What Matters


I know very little about Godstopper. Trying to find information hasn’t been as easy but I can tell you that they are from Toronto, Canada. ‘What Matters’ is being re-released through Milgram Records; it will be their first release as a label and it is a strong start for a new label.

Seeing as background information is sparse let us get straight to it. ‘What Matters’ is 42.7 minutes (thanks iTunes) of doom, sludge and post-rock with what others have been mentioning as a pop twist. It is certainly more upbeat than your typical doom and sludge, however, I think those tags describe only a fraction of Godstopper’s sound. It is a progressive sound, that blends a number of genres together.

‘Don’t Walk Home’ starts the record off in the haze of a downbeat riff, sounding similar to Torche, it is a big opening for ‘What Matters’. Straight away they demonstrate their progressive overtones; sharply changing to a psychedelic/grunge sound with ominous guitars and aggressive vocals blending with the softer tones creating a weird call and response. Before a straightforward doom riff plays out a bass-heavy riff takes over. It is a lot to take in for an opening track but I do love my riffs and this, fortunately, isn’t excessive. You have to pay attention to this, such is the nature of progressive music.

‘Temples’ starts with a heavy-driven bass line, almost spoken lyrics before it changes again, harmonised poppy vocals with a pacing guitar riff underneath. It again demonstrates the intricate nature of Godstopper’s sound. The songs keep up this consistency as each track has that Godstopper sound yet have their own take; you’re constantly being surprised with this release as they bring so much to the writing process that it seems limitless on what they can write into their songs.

I like the use of experimentation with this band, although they can tide in with bands like Torche and Melvins, they create something interesting. I do find that some of the time the band’s doom riffs are extremely similar and crop up a fair bit in songs but it is a minor issue. You certainly need to take your time with this release, you’ll consistently be finding new things with each listen.


‘What Matters’ by Godstopper is released on the 18th March on Milgram Records.

Godstopper links: Tumblr|Bandcamp

Words by Bert Maddison (@bertmaddison)


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