Review: Guttermouth – New Car Smell EP

California street-punk veterans Guttermouth return with their second EP of the year, ‘New Car Smell’, a swift follow up to July’s‘Got It Made’, their first new music in a decade. With nine full-length albums behind them, you do wonder if what we have here is half-a-dozen tracks that didn’t quite make the grade on ‘Got It Made?’

Delivering six tracks in 12 minutes, this is vintage Guttermouth – combining the straight up punk’n’roll of their old friends The Offspring with 80’s hardcore types Black Flag, Descendants and Bad Religion. It’s a mix we’re used to, and it still works, complete with trademark crass vocals and even the odd fart sample.

While the EP offers a good rock out and is sure to be received warmly by their loyal fans, it’s more ‘Favourite Aftershave’ than ‘New Car Smell’. This is, ultimately, a set of tracks that could quite easily have been released 20+ years ago, and there is a whiff of the ‘samey’ about them.

That said, all six tunes offer a lesson in getting the most out of a song in two minutes – fast and loud, but saying everything they need to; and with impressive guitar playing throughout – notably on solos in the title track and ‘The Human Mulligan.’ Opener ‘Spud Like Torso’ and ‘Soundtrack To The End Of The World’ give the biggest nod toward their 90’s roots with huge riffs, fast and heavy drums and bass, and either would sit comfortably on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack.

Stand out tracks ‘Perma Walkabout’ and ‘Mail Order Bride’ make best use of Mark Adkins sarcastic commentary and whet the appetite for seeing the new songs performed live.

‘New Car Smell’ is the sound of a band who have remembered what they’re best at and are clearly having a great time blowing off some steam.


‘New Car Smell’ EP by Guttermouth is out now on Rude Records/Bird Attack Records.

Guttermouth links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Words by Adam Lewis (@adamlew86)


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