Review: Happy Accidents – Everything But The Here And Now

Perceptive musings of anxieties and personal fragility come hand in hand with the waves of DIY indie-punk acts that have been climbing the ranks in recent years. Sometimes along the way, the harshness of these considerations blur into nondescript self-indulgence; but for London trio Happy Accidents that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Happy Accidents flourish on their sophomore release ‘Everything But The Here And Now’. The group have found their feet, matching their pleasantly twee and youthful spirit with a full-bodied and mature arrangement of tracks. While it’s clear they know how to make the standard elements of indie and soft-punk work together, the record feels in no way formulaic. Each track holds it’s own, and together they build a synonymous natural unit. The understated confidence of ‘Wait It Out’ and ‘Different Views’ form with ear-catching basslines and sweet but explosive choruses, while ‘Text Me When You’re Home’ and ‘Float’ play with a slower, softer ambience. Closing track ‘Sink’ is a testament to how far the band have come, bringing the album to a wholly reflective, almost vulnerable end.

In a genre which draws so much inspiration from inside itself, there’s always the risk of a lack of differentiation; something Happy Accidents have firmly avoided here. With the rise in prominence of drummer Phoebe Cross’ role on vocals and the layers of different sounds brought to the table by producer Matthew Johnson, the trio have allowed themselves to grow a little tighter and smoother, unafraid of progression.

‘Everything But The Here And Now’ is built with a sun-tinged sound, accentuated honest lyricism and uplifting hooks – making it a perfect album to shake off the winter too. While all the kinks aren’t fully ironed out, Happy Accidents embrace their quirks with a heap of relatable charm far surpassing the expectations of a second LP.


‘Everything But The Here And Now’ by Happy Accidents is out now on Alcopop! Records.

Happy Accidents links: Website| Facebook | Twitter

Words by Annabel Platt.


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