Review: I Feel Fine – Long Distance Celebration

I Feel Fine certainly bring a fresh take on post-rock/emo on 'Long Distance Celebration'

Whilst still a relatively new band, I Feel Fine certainly bring a fresh take on the post-rock/emo blend that, in a way, has become its own genre of sorts over the past few years. From the get-go you can tell this record has Lewis John’s distinctive production style all over it, from the clean sounding, soaring drum fills to the subtle, noodly riffs that occasionally pop up on ‘Long Distance Celebration’.

Beach Community’ is a dynamic opener that journeys through emotive lyrics and energetic guitars, barely giving you time to breathe but delivering one hell of an adrenaline rush. While the tremolo-heavy guitar sections are technically tight and impressive, it’s I Feel Fine’s plentiful use of gang vocals that really cement their package together. It’s notably a staple part of their sound across ‘Long Distance Celebration’, and serves to cement the friendship around the band.

However, they are not always entirely intelligible due to how low they are in the mix. Despite this, frontman Nathan Tompkins delivers every line with such searing passion and honesty on cuts such as ‘Lifer’ and ‘Everyday Safari’, it makes you want to learn every word and scream it back to them to experience the unity emanating from the band.

Despite its bittersweet title, ‘Long Distance Celebration’, the incredibly tight performances of each song brings a great sense of urgency and hope. It’s a welcome change of pace from a genre oversaturated with bland, melodramatic and ultimately boring bands. I Feel Fine are the total opposite of that. From start to finish you are kept on your toes, finding an immense sense of catharsis and leaving you with the positive mindset that you can accomplish anything.


‘Long Distance Celebration’ EP by I Feel Fine is out now on Failure By Design Records.

I Feel Fine links: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Words by Ashwin Bhandari (@GIVEUPOX17)


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