Review: Lake Malice – Post-Genesis EP

"If you haven't been introduced to Lake Malice before, then 'Post-Genesis' is the ideal jumping on point."

SOAKLP447-LakeMalice-Post-Genesis-sleeve.inddIt’s been a whirlwind 18 months or so for Lake Malice. The Brighton-based newcomers have quickly gone about defining their a sound that incorporates metalcore with hyperpop and an abundance of energy. Having built up a fair bit of steam, it seemed like a good time to bring it all together for their debut EP – ‘Post-Genesis’. 

In an age where standalone singles can be easily be compiled into a playlist, those wanting a collection of fresh cuts will be left wanting. ‘Post-Genesis’ includes four of the duo’s previous singles, with a fifth (‘Mitsuko’) being released alongside the EP announcement. This makes ‘Power Game’ the only “new” track come release day. Nevertheless, on the flip side ‘Post-Genesis’ allows Lake Malice to celebrate how far they’ve come in such a short space of time.

Despite the track listing’s relative familiarity, ‘Blossom’ has been spruced up by Carl Bown’s mixing, tightening up the metalcore bounce. As the track ebbs and flows between serene melodic verses and explosive choruses, Blake Cornwell and Alice Guala are both able to demonstrate their capabilities. For Guala, her voice is powerful and dynamic. Cornwall’s wiry crushing guitar and slick production simply add to Lake Malice‘s versatility.

With each passing track, there is evidence of Lake Malice‘s evolution and understanding of what each member is capable of. On ‘Black Turbine’ synthetic electronic blasts complement both Guala’s angelic melody and devilish screams. Furthermore, it showcases their ability to write massive, irresistible metalcore hooks. Likewise, ‘Bloodbath’ is an adrenaline rush of ultra-pop, trap beats, and stomping metalcore.

In terms of momentum, there’s no stopping Lake Malice. New track ‘Power Game’ misleads you with its drum n’ bass verses, before bursting with Guala’s impeccable, soaring voice as Cornwell serves up crunching nu-metal guitars. However, Guala again shows she has plenty of bite with a venomous vocal at the halfway point. It’s considerably one of the most well-rounded tracks on offer, pulling in everything the duo have done before. The aforementioned ‘Mitsuko’ keeps the intensity up, being the heaviest offering here. Its dizzying pace combined with dense guitars and Guala’s growls makes for a quickfire and frantic blast.

Although ‘Post-Genesis’ is consistent from start to finish, they’ve possibly saved the best for last. ‘Stop The Party’ is a pure rager of a track. Riddled with social anxiety, it thrives in its hypnotic bridge before exploding in its aggravated chorus. Throw in some thrashy guitars with synthetic production twists, and you’re left with one of the tracks of the year.

If you haven’t been introduced to Lake Malice before, then ‘Post-Genesis’ is the ideal jumping on point. After all it is their debut EP. Furthermore, it backs up any “hype” the pair have built since forming, yet it equally demonstrates they’re a band that is still growing. ‘Post-Genesis’ isn’t Lake Malice in their final form, but it’s an unbelievably strong foundation to expand on.


‘Post-Genesis’ EP by Lake Malice is released on October 27th, 2023, on SO Recordings.

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