Review: Lastoneout – This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours

“Polite post-hardcore” quartet Lastoneout have been labelled as ones to watch since 2014’s ‘Ten Years Too Late’ EP. With a growing reputation, they look to break out of their South-West base with new mini-album ‘This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours’. Inspired by the alternative emo fusions of the 00s (think Funeral For A Friend), the quartet are set to join the ever expanding roster of bands taking this path.

The quartet’s ability to bounce between a mixture of both heavy and soft melodic instrumentation and vocal work is notable from the start as ‘Two Fifty Five AM’ boasts rapidly paced, fine-tuned instrumental work and an impressive range in vocals. The same can be said for ‘It’s Better To Burn Out’ with it’s invigorating energy bought on from the powerful guitar work.

‘Two Months Eight Weeks’ is a bright and energetic while interlude track, ‘Halftitle’, is uplifting but puts an obvious emotional emphasis on wordplay and a softer touch to the instrumentals. Airy plucks of guitar met with lines like “All I want is for you to be happy for me” make for a striking track.

The explosive ‘Box Of Matches (It Only Takes One)’ is a clear standout with its intense opening which fuels a powerful energy throughout. While the penultimate, ‘He’s In A Bad Way’ impresses with its smooth harmonies. ‘The Importance Of Punctuation’ ends the record on a high, wrapping it up with the formula they’ve followed throughout.

Lastoneout have produced an incredible and refreshing record with a youthful core. Through a set of well-crafted, carefully constructed songs, the four-piece show a passion that gives them potential to exceed. It’s an overused term, but Lastoneout have got something very special coming your way.


‘This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours’ by Lastoneout is released on November 4th.

Lastoneout links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Phoebe Messenger (@kangaezu_ni)


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