Review: Lightscape – Circles EP

Norwich’s alternative rockers Lightscape are yet another British band looking for a little space on the ever more crowded alternative scene. On the basis of ‘Circles’, they have plenty in their favour, but will it be enough to propel them to the arenas they aspire to?

The EP starts as it means to go on with an atmospheric lead in, touches of electronica and heartfelt vocals from the talented Will Overton on the single ‘By Design’, a bitter sounding rocker with epic pretensions. It’s pretty strong, if a little cliché lyrically, and immediately shows that they know how to arrange a good tune and deliver a good old-fashioned hook.

‘Circles’, another electronica tinged mid-tempo rocker pulsating with a strong hook, follows in a similar vein, though it showcases some slick guitar work in a nicely worked solo. ‘More to Life’ then ups the energy, albeit following the template of electronic touches complimenting searing guitars and emotive vocals. However, the well-trodden lyrical path littered with “hearts beating faster”, “save me"s, "run out of time"s and rhetorical questions does start wearing a bit thin.

The remaining three tracks follow a similar path, but there are enough positives to keep it interesting. ‘Press Rewind’ for instance nails a particularly killer hook, while Haven’t Got the Time’ boasts a strong arrangement and a searing climax. The closing track, ‘Live in Fear’, then rounds things off stylishly as all their positives come together.

This is certainly an interesting release, by a talented band; they’ve got good vocals, good songs, good guitars and are definitely worth a listen. Where they could improve is the lyrical depth and building on their tried and tested formula. Sure, it’s effective, but could use a push towards something a little more daring.


‘Circles’ EP by Lightscape is out now.

Lightscape links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Words by Edward Layland (@EdwardLayland)


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