Review: Make Them Suffer – Worlds Apart

Those who are approaching this new record from Make Them Suffer expecting it to be another slab of beautifully desolating and intensely affecting melodic black metalcore, prepare for a shock. Reinvention is the order of the day and these Aussies are serving up a big portion. Though don’t turn your nose up too quickly, as ‘Worlds Apart’ is more than just an ill-informed change of heart.

Where Make Them Suffer have always excelled is in their knack for creating atmosphere. Be it inspiring, devastating or down right disturbing, their music has always had a chill ready to creep up your spine hiding within its crevices. Though the band have pulled up their roots and taken a more progressive metalcore approach to their slabs of battery, their love for euphoria is still alive and well.

The likes of the grinding ‘Unchartered’, dizzying ‘Vortex’ and brutally rampant ‘Dead Plains’ all exhibit the highest calibre of songwriting while also keeping you guessing till the very last second of unpredictable brilliance. If anything, it feels like the band are not afraid to take everything that they have learnt throughout their career and, rather than treading water, apply it to where they are emotionally and mentally in life right now. Progression has never sounded so punishing.

What Make Them Suffer have crafted here is an album that’s not afraid to rattle the cage and shake things up a bit. Much like the phoenix must burn out to be born again, the band have moved away from everything they once knew and come out on top. Reinvigorated and more inspired than ever before, this feels like a new beginning. The potential going forward is infinite and that is a very exciting position to be in indeed.


‘Worlds Apart’ by Make Them Suffer is released on 28th July on Rise Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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