Review: Movements – Feel Something

For a label known for its “punk goes” series, Movements are an interesting yet welcomed addition to Fearless Records’ roster. On their debut album, ‘Feel Something’, the Southern Californian emo alt-rockers provide a mature look on various subjects such as witnessing the effect of Alzheimer’s, personal mental health issues and the conflict of relationships.

Admittedly, these are raw subjects that have been covered elsewhere yet Patrick Miranda’s words are delivered with complete honesty, allowing you to develop a connection with him. With each listen, you become absorbed by his aching tales.

The pairing of ‘Deadly Dull’ and ‘Fever Dream’ excellently captures the hurtful tone that he offers. The former explores the effects of Alzheimer’s on his girlfriend’s grandfather, and how he wakes up every day being told his wife has passed away from the same disease. Likewise, the acoustic-based ‘Fever Dream’ is beautifully haunting with Miranda expressing “the only enemy is in my heart”.

While lyrically Movements paint a dour picture, the well-rounded ‘Colourblind’ is a stirring highlight with a strong chorus and a fine example of their promising versatility. This is countered by ‘Submerge’ and its hollow tone.

Stylistically, they share the same space as Have Mercy, La Dispute (both ‘Full Circle’ and ‘Grey’ contain spoken-word parts) and Can’t Swim; textured, earthly instrumentation with vocals that ebb and flow with intimacy and passion. On songs such as ‘Deep Red’ and ‘Third Degree’, they perfectly execute this with warping guitars and poignant hooks like “keep you close to me” on the latter.

Overall, Movements fulfil their purpose to make you “feel something”. Miranda’s storytelling has a captivating quality, giving the album a spine of genuineness and when complemented by tight instrumentation, you’re left with an emotion connection between the listener and the band. Although they’re not quite the finished product, ‘Feel Something’ is a good launching pad to greater things.


‘Feel Something’ by Movements is out now on Fearless Records.

Movements links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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