Review: Moving Mountains/Prawn – Split EP

Moving Mountains/Prawn - Split EP

Containing music from two of the emo scenes more interesting groups, this sweepingly beautiful EP includes the first new material from Moving Mountains since their short hiatus, which started in 2013 .

Having been probably the last great emo band signed by Deep Elm – indeed 2007’s ‘Pneuma’ has itself just been re-released by those bastions of good taste at Topshelf – it’s great to hear how they’ve progressed and as such how the break has influenced their songwriting.

The results are two songs which give the new Foxing album, the brilliant ‘Dealer’, a run for their money as the most gorgeous songs you will hear all year. In particular, ’Abby Normal’ is achingly majestic; a soaring, wonderfully-arranged anthem that will make you shiver. The second cut, the meandering ‘Deathless’ is no less impressive, albeit more relaxed.

There’s been no need for a break for Prawn to get into the right headspace, though. Last year’s killer ‘Kingfisher’ was a real gem and the two tracks on offer here are every bit as good – if not better – than anything they’ve done before.

And, although they’re classic Prawn, rich with math-lite textures, brilliantly inventive percussion and brimming with heart, they’re just a little more immediate than the offerings found on the dense ‘Kingfisher’. ‘Slopes’ probably edges it out of the two, or the swell of sounds and emotions on ‘Seas’ is a real delight.


‘Moving Mountains/Prawn’ by Moving Mountains and Prawn is out on 27 November on Triple Crown Records.

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Words by Rob Mair (@BobNightMair)


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