Review: My Dynamite – Otherside

Many bands have tried to turn back time to the 60’s & 70’s in recent years but many fail to stay relevant. To some, this sound harks back to a simpler time when rock music dominated the charts, while others may think this is a genre that has been beaten to death. So have My Dynamite found the formula that fuses the perfect amount of nostalgia with a hint of freshness?

Right off the bat you’re hit in the face with the driving rhythms of ‘Round The Bend’, a perfect opener with its exceptional bluesy riffs and intricate instrumentation. From the keyboard all the way to the harmonica, this album has it all. It’s very clear to see that My Dynamite are a cohesive unit. ’State We’re In’ is the very definition of rock ‘n’ roll; trailblazing guitars playing a blues-esque riffs with plenty of groove and a guitar solo right out of the 70’s for that perfect classic rock throwback. The band haven’t shied away from displaying all their influences on this record either, there are glimpses of The Rolling Stones through to The Black Crowes and even Led Zeppelin on show across the nine tracks on offer.

However, while My Dynamite excel at their take on the blues rock of yesteryear, they know how to execute a ballad too. A hint of country finds its way into some of thee tracks. ‘So Familiar’ encapsulates this perfectly, with its use of slide guitar. It’s superb seeing a band demonstrate their diversity with such finesse.

This isn’t just another band trying to emulate that ”Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” that Bob Segar once sang so famously about. This is a band putting in a serious effort to bring it back to the forefront and doing one hell of a job of it.


’Otherside’ by My Dynamite is out released on 27th January on Listenable Records.

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Words by Ryan Wilson (@thrillcollins_)


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