Review: Next Stop Atlanta – The Things You Do Best

Having spent a year on and off the road, gaining valuable band experience, Preston’s Next Stop Atlanta are back with their latest release ‘The Things You Do Best’ and with it the four-piece  have packed a collection of upbeat, catchy pop-punk songs that shows a band who have improved since their late 2010’s self-titled release. 

On tracks like ‘Always With The Drama,’ the band sound tighter and fuller, whilst Georgia Peters vocals sound more confident, as she leads the band into a bright, hooky chorus that fits the bands style neatly. 

‘I’m Not Morrissey’ sees the bands responding to the inevitable Paramore comparisons, and along with it they show a slightly harder edge to their impulsive, accesiable pop-punks style. This more edgier, hard-hitting style continues on ’Get In The Van,’ with Nik Taylor providing sharp guitar riffs and pounding drums from Ant Joy giving the track thriving energy. 

On ‘Perfection,’ it’s clear the bands understanding of writing feel-good pop-punk has structually improved, a well-paced verse ideally gives way to a thriving, catchy chorus which highlights Peters’ confident voice. It’s a trait that continues on ’Light The Beacons.’ With New Found Glory-like guitar chords, the band strongly carry the track forward with a positive attitude and good momentum.

‘The Things You Do Best’ is certainly a step forward for Next Stop Atlanta. They’ve used their time on the road well and has allowed them to tone their sound, with the end result being a highly promising collection of self-assured pop-punk songs, that makes a good go at givng the band it’s own identity. Whilst the typical “Paramore wannabees” remarks might be carelessly aimed at the band, ‘The Things You Do Best’ shows Next Stop Atlanta have the ability to progress and gives them more potential to be themselves. Overall it’s a big step in the right direction.


‘The Things You Do Best’ by Next Stop Atlanta is available now.

Next Stop Atlanta links: Facebook|Twitter|Big Cartel

Words by Sean Reid


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