Review: Noyo Mathis – We Become Who We’ve Always Been

Though they originate from the flourishing fields and fresh air of the UK you wouldn’t be far wrong thinking that Noyo Mathis sound like they have stepped straight off the mean streets of the USA. That may come from their recording sessions for their debut full-length that took place in Baltimore and the subsequent influence that rubbed off there. The sort of sounds that the band produce on ‘We Become Who We’ve Always Been’ feel reminiscent of some of the greats that have come out of the genre in the past 20 years, but this is far from a tribute act.

There is a fire in the belly of biting ‘Toothache’ that bubbles over into a gutsy climax, while the cutting bass of ‘Forest Fires’ ripples through you like a cold shiver before blasting you with almost Biffy Clyro-esque string squeals. That’s not to say that ‘Blue Honey’ is anything short of emotional perfection.

What the band hold close is an intensity and darkness that only an upbringing on the British Isles can produce, and they use it brilliantly to their advantage. It helps make an album that feels familiar but goes that extra mile to be as piercingly individual as possible.

‘We Become Who We’ve Always Been’ is a focused, cohesive and compelling foray into emo-rock through and through. Bringing together all the elements that have made the genre so intriguing across its timeline, Noyo Mathis have crafted a sound that is as comforting as it is uniquely testing. When there are hundreds of bands trying to play the same game, it’s important to hold tight on to the ones who are truly worth your time. This is band that should be held on to like your life depends on it.


‘We Become Who We’ve Always Been’ by Noyo Mathis is released on 14th April.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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