Review: OHNOVA – I Can’t Sleep EP

"A short but sweet taste of what is to come for this Glaswegian powerhouse"

Budding GlaOHNOVA - I Can't Sleepsgow-based trio OHNOVA are hoping to breathe new life into the revolving door of modern rock. Their new five-track EP ‘I Can’t Sleep’ provides a teaser full of massive riffs and huge choruses. Influences of artists such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Biffy Clyro are apparent throughout, which certainly stand them in good stead of attracting attention.

Its title track storms in and Paul Morton’s vocals are quickly bought to the forefront. Raw and unpolished in the best way, they immediately draw a sense of honesty to the EP throughout, in which the band state the lyrics not only touch on the harshness of life but also the idea of pushing through it positively. ‘Heavy Smile’ wastes no time, snapping in with a mosh-inducing introduction which is bound to go off live. A simplistic but emotive chorus helps solidify this track as a memorable standout.

Morton’s voice keeps you guessing throughout, particularly in ‘Home’ where he swoops from jarring and shouty to soaring melodies and then to an abrupt powerful scream of “I’m going home”. A crowd-pleasing breakdown ties up the track. The pleasingly melodic nature of ‘Banjo Mac’ showcases the band’s ability to make songs uplifting despite dark lyricism, with catchy chord progressions and snappy drum work interspersed throughout.

‘Easy Way Out’ ends the EP on a heavy note, while still maintaining the vocal vibrancy of previous tracks. A dark, riling introduction quickly builds anticipation for the screamed opening verse segueing into a punchy chorus. A slow and pacing instrumental outro ties up the EP well, but leaves you guessing what further tricks this talented trio could have up their sleeve.

‘I Can’t Sleep’ allows OHNOVA to introduce themselves and demonstrate the variation in their sound and ability to create something that’s a bit different. This five-track offering is a short but sweet taste of what is to come for this Glaswegian powerhouse, and it’ll only leave you wanting more.


‘I Can’t Sleep’ EP by OHNOVA is released on May 24th.

OHNOVA links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Words by Phoebe Messenger


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