Review: Radkey – Delicious Rock Noise

It must be annoying to have your band confused for Falling In Reverse’s frontman, eh? That’s probably Radkey’s biggest concern though, as it’s been pretty rosy for the Missouri sibling trio, signing to a major label, performing at festivals all over the world and supporting Rise Against, Against Me! and Touché Amoré to name but a few. New album ‘Delicious Rock Noise’ looks set to continue their hot streak too, with plenty of ragged, utterly infectious garage rock to get your teeth into.

For a band whose oldest member is only 24. Radkey have got their sights fixated on the past, channeling The Ramones, early garage rock, proto-punk and, in frontman Dee Radke, loads of Glenn Danzig. It welcomely strips away all polish and replaces it with some unkempt and dark sensibilities on tracks like ‘Parade It’ and the appropriately titled ‘Dark Black Makeup’.

Even so, there’s a palpable sense of fun throughout this album, the kind that makes it evident that this is a record created by three brothers just having a laugh. As well as the cover of the Teen Titans theme song that rounds things off (because why not?), there’s an undeniably potent shot of adrenaline present in ‘Le Song’ and ‘Glore’ that one would assume would make them an absolute blast live. While the catchy-as-owt ‘Romance Dawn’ displays a heavy pop sensibility.

The only real problem with ‘Delicious Rock Noise’ is, at fifteen tracks long and with a sound that doesn’t offer much in the way of wiggle room, it does begin to get a bit predictable. But anyone with a penchant for the more scuzzy, wild side of rock should check Radkey out immediately. No pretensions, no gimmicks, just great music from a band that still has tonnes to offer. Delicious rock noise indeed.


‘Delicious Rock Noise’ by Radkey is released on 11th November on Another Century / Sony.

Radkey links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Luke Nuttall (@nuttall_luke)


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