Review: Save Ends – Hug Your Friends EP

imageFormed on a drunken evening back yonder, Save Ends are the epitome of a modern day rock ‘n’ roll union. They have been circling the scene for a few years, providing us with a punk rock backdrop and a careless attitude. Now heading out with their latest EP ‘Hug Your Friends’, Save Ends are experimenting with a new, more mature sound whilst remaining true to their roots.

Heading up the new EP is ‘I Fell Asleep’, setting a mellow tone from the off and decidedly playing a part in our own emotional journeys. Backing it up is ‘Smudge’, followed by ‘Love Like a Home’ and ‘Sam’s Lament’. As a relatively short EP, it is vital each song makes an impact without becoming repetitive. Thankfully, ‘Hug Your Friends’ full engages you from the very beginning before heading into the strong vocal duals. Although this transcends into their more mellow side, they are still able to provide us with a reason to be rocking our heads whilst contemplating life at our own pace.

Hug Your Friends by Save Ends

The dual female/male vocals of guitarist Christine Atturio and keyboardist Brendan Cahill are present throughout, ensuring we remember their roots and what makes them stand out from our current array of drab, monotonous releases. Though the vocals are the strongest you may hear, in this case it doesn’t matter. They blend perfectly together without seeming out of place or off balance.

It is always a risk deviating from your original trademark, but sometimes it’s important for your own musical development. In the case of Save Ends, they have pulled it off with an EP that not only demonstrates their impressive songwriting skills but also their relatability and ability to expand beyond their comfort zone.

I hope we are blessed with a full-length album towards the end of the year.



‘Hug Your Friends’ by Save Ends is out now on Black Numbers.

Save Ends links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Words by Georgie Robbins (@GeorgieJourno)


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