Review: Shit Present – Misery + Disaster 12″

The gloriously named Shit Present supergroup, featuring members of Great Cynics, Gnarwolves, OK Pilot, The Computers and The Smith Street Band, are back with their second EP to build on their hugely popular self-titled debut from last year. Singing guitarist Iona Cairns has written another set of deeply personal cuts on issues like anxiety and bad break-ups that are delivered in an infectious mix of punk-pop and indie.

There’s a kind of classic feel to the hooky barbs, as Iona delivers a raspy selection of killer tunes, liberally peppered with a loveable “don’t give a fuck”ness. There’s no real complexity to the songwriting, nor does there need to be when you can write straight ahead stone cold bangers like these.

‘Sick of Me’ kicks things off with an upbeat jaunt through relationship land to an absolutely delicious hook. This is followed by ‘The Line’, which is a little forgettable, but its edgy guitar driven pop is pleasant enough. There’s a strong punk-poppiness going on throughout, but the louche vocal and indie feel lurking between the lines help avoid cliché.

Things really start to come together on the mid-tempo ‘Shit Talk’ where Iona cranks up the vocals to brilliant effect, putting some real bite into the chorus. ‘House (Breakdown)’ follows, stomping its banging percussion all over the punky riff, there’s another cool chorus and that don’t care vibe; again, it’s simple, but effective.

There is a bit more urgency to ‘Evil Way’, before ‘Against the World!’ kicks in with its folky acoustic intro. We get a bit more soul bearing on another familiar melody, but it works brilliantly as it takes an emotional turn with a power riffing counterpoint to the quirky melody and another superb vocal.

All in all, this is a pretty banging record with six coolly delivered tracks that really hit the spot.


‘Misery + Disaster 12"’ by Shit Present is released on November 11th on Specialist Subject Records.

Shit Present links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Edward Layland (@EdwardLayland)


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