Review: Wallflower – Where It Fell Apart EP

Having turned the heads of many at various festivals and tours in recent months, it could be suggested that Wallflower are riding a wave of momentum. ‘Where It Fell Apart’ serves as the South London band’s second EP but coming three years removed from ‘Summer Daze’, this four-track outing is sure to receive more attention.

Labeled by some as the “British Brand New”, it’s easy to see why the quintet has been on the receiving end of such a description. The 16-minute offering places itself in the confines of soft, intimate verses and explosive choruses. ‘Lilith’ eases things in with winding, delicate guitars wrapping around Vinicius Moreira-Yeoell’s warm vocals, before driving forward in the chorus with ringing harmonies.

‘Splintered’ is cold and haunting with electronic drums bringing intensity to the gradual build. Once again, Moreira-Yeoell’s voice takes centre stage as he passionately screams “I’m cold but I’m warming up”. Likewise, closing track ‘Seventeen’ thrives on the well-balanced mix of soothing verses and an impassioned chorus with soaring guitars.

One criticism that has to be made, is that on face value, Wallflower have a tendency to stick within the well-honed quiet/loud trait. However, when pulled off as effectively as it is on the stirring ‘My Words (Borrowed)’, you can let them off. Its hushed, plucky build crescendos to a sonic wall of sound before coming back down to see things out with the aforementioned ‘Seventeen’.

Admittedly, there is little in variation, yet Wallflower’s style is pleasing enough on the ear as ‘Where It Fell Apart’ plays to their strengths. These four tracks simply serve their purpose by accompanying the band’s growing live reputation; consistent, fervent and full of potential.


‘Where It Fell Apart’ EP by Wallflower is released on 18th September.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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