Song of the Day: BLOOM – ‘Siren Song’

Photo Credit: Jack Fontes

Today, Aussie metalcore outfit BLOOM deliver their impressive Pure Noise Records debut full-length – ‘Maybe In Another Life’. We’ve made the band’s latest single, ‘Siren Song’, our ‘Song of the Day’ to mark its release.

Since 2017, the Sydney-based quintet have been honing their brand of melodic metalcore. Considerably, ‘Maybe In Another Life’  is the culmination of how far they’ve come. ‘Siren Song’ exemplifies BLOOM‘s ability to wrap surging rhythms around heavy, frantic metalcore. Its ferocious opening gives way to an infectious chorus that rides on the back of a blistering riff.

“‘Siren Song’ opens and closes with intensity. This evocative and emotionally charged song delves into the experience of being ensnared by a manipulative partner, whose allure is as irresistible as it is destructive,” BLOOM explain.

‘Maybe In Another Life’ is BLOOM‘s first proper release in nearly four years, and first full-length. In short, the album has been a long time coming with ‘Siren Song’ being written when the global Covid-19 started to take place. “The initial demo for ‘Siren Song’ was written in March 2020 and was the first step in a heavier, more aggressive direction for us,” stated the Aussie five-piece.

While other album highlights such as ‘You & I’  and ‘Bound To Your Whispers’  emphasise their anthemic abilities, ‘Siren Song’ takes a darker route. BLOOM realised it was the perfect track “to bring anger and resentment of the lyrics to life”.

BLOOM‘s emergence adds to the lineage of metalcore bands who come from Down Under.  ‘Maybe In Another Life’  puts them in a strong place to stand out from a genre that can often be overcrowded. Thematically drawing from grief, love and exile, partly the loss of vocalist Jono Hawkey’s grandfather, BLOOM conjurer up an emotionally heavy record, both musically and lyrically. Its title track, along with the album finale, ‘Through The Threshold, Beyond The Bend’, showcase this brilliantly with explosive hooks clashing with cathartic lyrical despair.

‘Maybe In Another Life’ by BLOOM is available now on Pure Noise Records.

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