Song of the Day: Capstan – ‘Empire’


For over a decade, Florida five-piece Capstan has been honing their brand of post-hardcore. On May 24th, they will be releasing their third album – ‘The Mosaic’. Their latest single, ‘Empire’, epitomises what fans can expect from the album.

It sees Capstan combine contemplative lyrics, sturdy breakdowns, and dizzying electronic flourishes, with a soaring, impressionable chorus. Ultimately, it allows the quintet to show their varied tones in a tight-knot package.

“‘Empire’ is an introspective piece,” says Capstan guitarist and vocalist Joseph Mabry. “The lyrics confess guilt regarding privilege, its cost, and mass complicity in atrocities committed in the name of western imperialism. Recognizing the global scope of violence, poverty, and inequality, and acknowledging that the system is decidedly and irreparably broken is imperative to the possibility of progress.”

Throughout their career, Mabry along with Anthony Demario (vocals), Harrison Borman (guitar), Andrew “Boz” Bozymowski (bass, vocals), and Scott Fisher (drums), have evolved their sound. 2019’s ‘Restless Heart, Keep Running’ was an amalgamation of progressive post-hardcore and emo. Whereas 2022’s ‘SEPARATE’ was considered to be a sharper, hook-heavy effort. ‘The Mosaic’ aims to combine Capstan at their heaviest, catchiest, and technical most. It’s something that ‘Empire’ archives with ease.

Past single, ‘Misery Scene’ was equally infectious, with its big chorus and twisting riffs seeing the track and Capstan be described as “if Queen were a post-hardcore band.” Furthermore, it highlights the optimistic tone that is scattered throughout ‘The Mosaic’“We’re in a good place,” guitarist Harrison commented. “Some of us just became dads; others are going to be dads. We wanted to transmit a brighter message.”

Elsewhere, ‘Arrows’ sees them teaming up with past tour buddies Trash Boat for a vibrant blast of melodic post-hardcore. ‘Bête Noire’ allows Borman and Mabry to showcase their riffing prowess.

Capstan - The Mosaic

I. Revolve
Misery Scene
Final Words
An Open Letter
What You Want

II. Revise
Bête Noire
What Can I Say
Heart to Heart

III. The Mosaic

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‘The Mosaic’ by Capstan is released May 24th, 2024 on Fearless Records.

Find Capstan on: Facebook | X (Formerly Twitter) | Instagram | TikTok | Spotify | Apple Music | Website

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