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Very few bands arrive as the finished article. However, that’s considerably not the case for South West newcomers LoveLost. Their debut single, ‘Burnbright’, is an impactful slice of emotional alt-rock, reminiscent of Holding Absence. With Tobias Faulkner’s soaring vocals, layered instrumentation, and punching percussion, the quartet’s arrival shouldn’t be ignored.

At ‘Burnbright’s core is a poignant sense of loss as Faulkner ruminates how things could’ve been different. “So tell me why, Why I couldn’t stay inside your arms?” he sings in the chorus. While the anguish and regret are displayed in full force in the track’s breakdown.

“The song resonates with the ache of unspoken words and the wish for a chance to rewrite a final goodbye. ‘Burnbright’ is an emotional journey into the depths of loss and of ‘what if’s,'” explains LoveLost‘s frontman. Tobias goes on to state, “the melodies and lyrics create a visceral experience that resonates with anyone who has grappled with the profound impact of loss. It’s a tribute to the complexities of human connection and the lingering echoes of love that remain, even in the face of goodbye.”

By blending elements of post-hardcore, strong melodies with an emotional core, LoveLost have made a promising start. To learn more about their formation, ‘Burnbright’, and their future plans, we fired over some questions to the band.

LoveLost is as fresh a band can be. Can you talk us through the band’s formation? Have any of you played in other bands together or played shows with one another?

LOVELOST started as a music project between Tobias and Sam (Elswood). During the early days, Sam was the bassist for a metalcore band, In Fear, which not too long ago has now come to an end. Over time it became more serious and a dream to start pushing it into something more, which us to look for additional members where shortly after Ed (Williams) and Anthony (Jones) joined.

At the time of writing, ‘Burnbright’ has been out in the open for just a few hours. From a songwriting point of view, how did the track come together?

‘Burnbright’ was originally written by Tobias where it was passed over to our producer, Nathan Smart for arrangement and finally mastered by George Lever. Since then it has grown into a huge soundscape that really captures the essence of what the song is about.

From hearing the track and reading the lyrics, ‘Burnbright’ captures the sense of losing someone. As cliché as it is to ask – what’s the track about?

The song is about a personal experience of losing a friend to suicide. Burnbright paints a sonorous canvas of poignant loss and the mourning process. This is an extremely vulnerable track of ours that we really hope connects with people.

The band has been described as “intertwining a nostalgic essence of old-school emo music with a modern twist.” Who do you consider the musical influences behind LoveLost?

Of course, we like to think that we are reviving some old-school emo as we are all emo kids at heart. The music that we listened to back then really resonated with us and has made us who are musically today. So we hope by splashing in some modern twists that we hear from pop and new post-hardcore bands today, we really capture something unique and exciting.

Although it’s certainly early days, what can we expect to see and hear from LoveLost in the coming months?

Over 2024 we will be slowly releasing our EP, more details on that will be announced soon!

‘Burnbright’ by LoveLost is out now on Year of the Rat Records.

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