Song of the Day: Rough Justice – ‘Faith In Vain’

Rough Justice

The UK hardcore scene continues to be in a healthy state with Rough Justice being the latest name to emerge out of the Sheffield scene. ‘Faith In Vain,’ the title track from their debut album captures what the quintet are all about; groove-heavy metallic hardcore with a bellowing chorus.

Although the track thrives on a hefty amount of chugging riffs, there’s a sentimental, thought-provoking message as guitarist Elliot Reynolds renounces his religious upbringing.“Never be able to believe in/
I guess the blood of my body is just faith in vain,” he roars on the chorus. Whereas its chorus is executed with a hint of grunginess, highlighting Rough Justice‘s sophisticated approach beyond the straight-forward hardcore.

Released on fellow Steel City hardcore mob, Malevolence‘s MLVLTD label, ‘Faith In Vain’ sees Rough Justice weaves in a narrative of guilt, fear, faith, and hidden intentions. The end result is a poignant and intense record that allows the five-piece to leave their mark. Coming in a brisk 23 minutes, its eight tracks serve as a semi-discography overview of Rough Justice‘s work to date. Tracks such as ‘Coward’ and ‘Overruled’ are meaty, boisterous, and firmly thrive in their metallic hardcore skin. Equally, ‘Boa Constrictor’ and ‘Backwards Mask’ are as bold with a 2-step groove and vocalist Jimmy’s aggressive tongue. Whereas on ‘Mind’s Eye’, Reynolds along with Ed Armitage are allowed to truly shred.

‘Faith In Vain’ by Rough Justice is out now on MLVLTD.

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