Song of the Day: Seek Harbour – ‘Emotion vs. Motion’

Seek Harbour

Emerging out of Kent, Seek Harbour‘s early years proved to be steady, establishing themselves as an acceptable brand of melodic post-hardcore. However their new single, ‘Emotion vs. Motion’, maintains a trajectory that started last year.

Following the departure of Lawrence Regan, the remaining trio of  Edwin Hall, Christopher Ellinor, and Simon Bullock were left at a crossroads. Either call it a day or go again. Thankfully they chose the latter, bringing in Aimee Allin to share vocal duties with Hall. ‘Emotion vs. Motion’ is the second track Aimee has been involved in.

With its atmospheric introduction, Allin’s towering voice brings the track alive while exchanging lines with Hall throughout. Along with its bold alt-rock sound and the ebb-and-flow of the track’s lyrical tone. Throughout Aimee and Edwin trade vocals with ease. Allin captures the feeling of an uneasy mind with Hall being the reassuring voice. Ultimately, it sets the tone for their yet-to-be-announced EP; showing different perspectives.

Allin considerably takes the track to another level, a sentiment that Edwin agrees with. “This song is one of my favourites melodically, the guitars throughout and the outro are just beautiful. The chorus however was originally sung by me but it was just too low. It didn’t really beef it up as much as Chris (guitars & programming) and I had hoped,” explains Seek Harbour‘s co-vocalist. “When we offered the chorus to Aimee I remember her being apprehensive at first to go an octave up. Sure enough within the studio, she nailed it! The chorus really shines in this one and I’m glad Aimee really takes the stage to show what she can do on this track.”

Aimee made her Seek Harbour debut in December with ‘Skin vs. Chrome’. Bringing a melody-heavy dynamic to the band’s former scream/clean style, quickly paid off. Its tough, stomping chorus and impressive riffs allowed Hall to showcase his impassioned and slick vocal work, while Allin’s contribution equally left an impact.

After a slight setback, Seek Harbour are refreshed and has proven they’re ones to watch with.

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