Song of the Day: SeeYouSpaceCowboy – ‘Lubricant Like Kerosene’ (ft. Kim Dracula)

Photo Credit: Errick Easterday

Three albums deep into their career, SeeYouSpaceCowboy are as evocative as ever. Having carved out their self-styled brand “sasscore”, today sees ‘Coup De Grâce’ arrive. With past releases rooted in the trauma, substance issues and suicidal thoughts of frontwoman Connie Sgarbossa, ‘Coup De Grâce’ sees SYSC take a different route. Inspired by pulp comics and novels from the ’40s and ’50s, ‘Coup…’ is a conceptual record that sees the San Diego band build a world drenched in neo-noir.

As always, SYSC borders on the lines of post-hardcore, metalcore, hardcore, and even if they hate to be tagged with the label, screamo. Nevertheless, tracks like ‘Lubricant Like Kerosene’ epitomise what ‘Coup De Grâce’ executes so well, serving as a full realisation of “sasscore”. With assistance from Kim Dracula bringing soaring melodies, ‘Lubricant Like Kerosene’ is a pulsating, roaring, and provocative album mid-point, and captures Sgarbossa at her most lyrically fantastical. Drenched in unbridled lust, it embraces a dance-punk groove, partly thanks to bassist Taylor Allen and drummer AJ Tartol, only to be taken over by crushing guitars (from Connie’s brother Ethan, and Tim Moreno) and Sgarbossa’s piercing screams.

While some band’s fury can lack substance, on ‘Lubricant Like Kerosene,’ and on ‘Coup De Grâce’ as a whole, that’s far from the case. The fury, along with the dramatic flair that sweeps throughout the record, merely play into SYSC‘s ambition and progression.

‘Coup De Grâce’ by SeeYouSpaceCowboy is available now on Pure Noise.

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