Song of the Day: Timelost – ‘Wet J’

Photo Credit: Rachel Del Sordo

Philadelphia trio Timelost first grabbed my attention with their impressive 2021 outing, ‘Gushing Interest’. This Friday, they’ll be dropping their latest album – ‘Drained’. Its latest single, ‘Wet J’, captures the energetic garage ’90s alt-rock that stylistically threads ‘Drained’ together. Its loose, almost Weezer-esque guitars give way to a steadily paced finale that leaves you wanting more.

Lyrically, it grasps the acceptance of failure and the frustration that comes with it. “Wet J is about the frustrations of continuously falling into the same mistakes,” Timelost explain. “(It’s about) wanting to give up and just be left alone to wallow in our own failures.”

As you explore ‘Drained’, you’ll discover a band subtly expanding their sound palette. Where ‘Gushing Interest’ honed in on a grunge/shoegaze sound, Timelost‘s latest 10-track offering is sharper and sonically redefined. For example, the lengthy ‘Cranium Dent’ rides on a pulsating bass groove, a whirlwind of feedback, and rich guitars. Whereas past single, ‘Diet Strangers’, thrives on driving guitars and the lyrical notion of wanting to be at home.

Undoubtedly, there is a satisfying sense of urgency to what ‘Drained’ offers. Tracks such as ‘Everything’s A Beating (Including Yourself)’ and ‘Combustion Dance’ highlight Timelost‘s ability to produce fuzz-laden, powerpop hooks. Whereas ‘Another Casualty of Me’ ideally wallows in its grunge-rock skin, exploding in its chorus with its dynamic drum work. It’s soon countered with ‘Permablue’, providing one last adrenaline rush with its jangly, rumbling bass, and soaring melodies.

“We originally wrote 7 songs and it felt tired and too similar to our previous stuff, so we dropped almost all of them and started new,” states Timelost guitarist/vocalist Shane, as he explained the making of ‘Drained’. He continues, “We leaned into a more simple and fun approach to songwriting and ended up writing 18 songs over 2+ years. Drained is the best 10.”

By combining a nostalgic (and melodic) sound with a firmly relevant mindset of introspectiveness and mental burnout, Timelost have created an album that is made to capture your attention.

‘Drained’ by Timelost is released on Friday, February 23rd on Church Road Records.

Find Timelost on: Facebook | Instagram | X (Formerly Twitter) | Bandcamp

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