Song of the Day: Venues – ‘Unspoken Words’

Venues | Photo Credit: Venera Red
Photo Credit: Venera Red

Stuttgart group Venues are label mates with the likes of LandmvrksOur Hollow Our Home, and Resolve. As part of Arising Empire‘s roster, they’re amongst some of Europe’s best up-and-coming and recognisable metalcore bands. In recent months, the quartet have shared several singles as they prepare to release their third album, ‘Transience’, on March 29th. ‘Unspoken Words’ is their latest single and marks the vulnerability that appears throughout the album.

Led by the versatile voice of Lela Gruber, ‘Unspoken Words’ is an emotional release from a toxic environment, and the strength needed to do that. “Sometimes, the best choice in leaving a toxic situation is to walk away without needing closure. Strength comes from recognizing the need for a healthier distance, even if you don’t say everything that’s on your mind,” explains Venues Lela Gruber. “Unspoken words can be the loudest expression of self-preservation. And even if you didn’t get every answer you thought you needed.” 

Joined by heavy vocalist Robin Baumann, guitarist Valentin Hahnemann, and drummer Dennis Vanhöfen, Venues provides a thunderous slice of modern metal with a powerful, soaring chorus, and a dense heaviness. Ultimately, it creates a cathartic outpouring that sounds massive.

As for ‘Transience’, Venues‘ third album looks to break the genre boundaries that 2018’s ‘Aspire’ and 2021’s ‘Solace’ confined to post-hardcore, alternative metal, and metalcore. “Our last album was a pretty hard metal record as a reaction to our debut; this time we wanted to be as open and multifaceted as we are as individuals,” Robin says. “This album sounds the way we always wanted to sound.”

For example, opening track ‘Godspeed, Goodbye’ contains an infectious chorus. Whereas ‘Braille’ rages with shredding guitars, ‘Oblivion’ is unrelenting as pounding verses are countered by a slick chorus before ‘Coming Home’ ends the album on a grand, optimistic note.

‘Transience’ by Venues is released on Friday 29th March on Arising Empire.

VENUES - Transience
1. Godspeed, Goodbye
2. Haunted House
3. Braille
4. Unspoken Words
5. Bad Karma
6. Reflections
7. Radiate Me
8. Oblivion
9. Cravings
10. Coming Home

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