Speaking Tongues Release New Compilation ft The Gospel Youth, Calls Landing, Ducking Punches and More

Indie label Speaking Tongues have released their second compiliation. ‘Speaking Tongues #2’ features tracks from the likes of The Gospel Youth, Calls Landing, Ducking Punches, Seán McGowan and COOL.

All proceeds from the album will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. It is available for £1 here.

Speaking Tongues owner Tom Aylott had this to say about the compilation:

“This release marks the end of a year of experimentation where I’ve been able to work with some excellent bands, and this second compilation is packed with some of the finest bands around.

Helping out charitable causes and giving something back only is something that’s becoming a huge part of my life, and I’ll be donating all proceeds from this compilation to Médecins sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders,” Aylott adds. “MSF does amazing work around the world, and I’d like to support this work and help out in the wake of the deadly bombing of one of their hospitals in Afghanistan.”

1. Seán McGowan – Millbrook Road
2. The Gospel Youth – Lighting Fires
3. Lights Over Bridgeport – True North
4. Years And Miles – Steal The Waves
5. Nathan Detroit – Downcast
6, Ducking Punches – God Damn Coward
7. Calls Landing – Golden
8. City Light Thief – Younger You
9. Going Away Party – It Goes On
10. Kamikaze Girls – Tonic Youth
11. Poisonous Birds – Cloud Level
12. Devereux – Heavy Eyed Hope
13. Quiet Lions – Wolves of The Capital
14. Ellis Slater – Next Train Home
15. Midday Committee – She Gets Me
16. Bottler – Rotten Routine
17. Spineless Yes Men – Clumsy
18. Cool – Okay
19. Tom Aylott – Landing Light


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