The Unsigned Round-Up

Every week Already Heard is sent a plethora of new music looking to be reviewed and be mentioned on this site. We’ll admit the demand can be pretty overwhelming and we can’t cover everything we receive. Nevertheless the “Unsigned Round-Up” looks to somewhat correct this as we assemble a selection of unsigned releases.

In this round-up we feature releases from Banshee, Servant Sun, Rory Indiana, The Summer War, The Ever Living, Chisel Beeches, and King Goat.

Banshee – Say My Name EP

Banshee, the Scottish electro-rock quartet formerly known as ‘Life on Standby’, have wiped the slate clean and are looking to use their new EP, ‘Say My Name’, to start fulfilling their ample potential after their appearance at Download and support slots with the likes of Marmozets. They play an intoxicating mix of dark electro-pop and heavy alternative rock which translates into hook-filled tunes with a hard edge.

Vocalist, Erin Donnachie, demonstrates an impressively versatile voice, whether it’s on the hard rock style of the catchy title track, or the disjointed ’Secret’, highlighting their pop tropes, or the darker ’One Step Behind’. The EP finds an interesting balance between their electronics and more alternative elements, as encapsulated on closing track ’Eagles’, with its multiple textures and big hook.

All told, there is plenty to hint at a bright future for Banshee; ‘Say My Name’ more than standing up to repeated listens. (EL)


’Say My Name’ EP by Banshee is out now.

Banshee links: Facebook|Twitter

Servant Sun – Hundred Waves

There can’t be many bands in 2016 that draw comparisons to CKY, but Servant Sun are one of them. Not only that, but ‘Hundred Waves’, the Glasgow quintet’s sophomore EP, also manages to drift into Deftones, Incubus and even Alexisonfire over its four tracks. That might sound like it’s produce something at least somewhat cohesive, but that’s very rarely the case. There isn’t much in the way of a flow – the title track feels like four different songs chopped up and glued together, while ‘Misgiver’ suffers from the same wishy-washy production that plagues most new metal bands. There’s definitely promise here though, as shown by highlight ‘Taste Of Silver’ – more of that in the future would at least see Servant Sun transition into something decent. (LN)


‘Hundred Waves’ by Servant Sun is released on April 15th.

Servant Sun links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Rory Indiana – Ruling Class Crooks EP

From the ever growing pool of young UK rock bands comes Rory Indiana. This sophomore EP sees the Brighton quartet tighten things up as the title track and lead single ‘Lead Me’ flourish off the bands playful groove undertone. Rory Kaye provides a consistent soulful voice complimenting the bands skyscraper-sizes riffs. As a whole package, Rory Indiana tick all the right boxes; engaging, different and upbeat.

Earmarked by many, including us, as ones to watch, ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ finds Rory Indiana firmly on the right path. (SR)


‘Ruling Class Crooks’ EP by Rory Indiana is out now.

Rory Indiana links: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

The Summer War – Cult of You

If first single, the stunning ‘Walk With Kings’, from this far-too-brief EP got you all excited – and by golly, it should – then you’ll be pleased to hear that ‘Cult of You’ is an all-round stellar return from Manchester’s The Summer War. Rich with imagery and demonstrating a blossoming identity, ‘Cult of You’ is five songs of alt-rock/indie-punk greatness that point to an extraordinarily bright future. Fans of Brand New will certainly find a lot to love in the indie-rock/alt-rock noise of ‘On A Cross’ and ‘When The Moon Said Goodbye’, while the delicate ‘Novemberish’ adds texture and style to the group’s weighty sound. Excellent stuff. (RM)


’Cult of You’ by The Summer War is released on April 12th.

The Summer War links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

The Ever Living – The Ever Living EP

Unremittingly bleak and unrelentingly intense, this self-titled EP by London post-hardcore/metal crossover mob The Ever Living is home to some serious skull-crushing slabs of noise. There’s ne’er a chink of light to the forceful, foreboding sound – a downbeat doom-laden march that grinds you into submission – but the focus with which the group attack proceedings is to be applauded. Naturally, due to the nature of ‘The Ever Living’, a certain amount of perseverance is required to get inside The Ever Living’s thick, sludgy, sound – but there’s a perverse sense of beauty to the epic ‘End of Red II’ and ‘End of Red II’ that makes for an ultimately rewarding listen. (RM)


’The Ever Living’ by The Ever Living is out now.

The Ever Living links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud

Chisel Beeches – In A Week, On A Whim

With the growth of Arcane Roots and Press To MECO proving that cerebral music can be successful, Chisel Beeches look set to capitalise on that with new EP ‘In A Week, On A Whim’. The quartet deal in a poppier take on math and progressive rock, with plunking basslines on ‘Tracy’ and spidery guitar lines on ‘Ghosts’ hiding some truly massive hooks. There’s plenty to dig into on these six tracks, though while the idiosyncrasies are framed as easy for even the most mainstream pair of ears to pick up, frontman Steve McDonagh’s airy, helium vocals may be a bit much for some. Get past that though, and Chisel Beeches become an easy band to really love, and more proof of the rude health of the UK’s progressive music scene. (LN)


‘In A Week, On A Whim’ by Chisel Beeches is out now.

Chisel Beeches links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

King Goat – Conduit

Brighton quintet ‘King Goat’ rock hard and long on these massive tracks of doom laden progressive metal. They tear through riff after chugging riff on atmosphere imbued opuses, brilliantly executed with an enviable versatility from vocalist Trim, who’s equally at home in guttural growl or operatic baritone.

From theatrical opener ‘Flight of the Deviants’ through to the epic mortal anguish of ‘Sanguine Path’, these songs feature multiple time changes and chord progressions, as each mighty slab walks its own dark path; no sing-along choruses here folks. The stand out track is the monumental ‘Revenants’, at a hefty 9m20, it’s hard yet atmospheric and the soaring guitar lines give it a truly epic majesty.

There are obvious drawbacks to all your tracks being over 7m and eschewing traditional structures, they’re definitely aiming for a niche, but if they continue to shred this hard they’ll have no problem carving it out. (EL)


‘Conduit’ by King Goat is out now.

King Goat links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Edward Layland (EL), Luke Nuttall (LN), Rob Mair (RM) and Sêan Reid (SR)


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