Trophy Eyes Share New Single (‘Life In Slow Motion’)

With the release of their new album, Suicide and Sunshine’, fast approaching, Aussie favourites Trophy Eyes have shared another track from the album – ‘Life In Slow Motion’.

It captures the quartet in a reflective mood with soaring guitars, soothing synth swells, and John Floreani impassioned vocals.

“‘Life in Slow Motion’ is my assessment of life itself, and the way we as humans navigate life and time here on Earth.” Floreani says. “Searching for meaning in chaos, I found myself seeing signs in number patterns and small examples of beauty in ordinary life; a hug at the bar exchanged between friends, a crinkled photo of a loved one kept close, a kindness or a smile. What they mean, I can’t say, but sometimes if you look hard enough and sit quietly enough, life reaches out and speaks to you.”

‘Life In Slow Motion’ Lyrics

Lucky numbers existential signs
Small superstitions keeping me alive
Praying to the emptiness for extra time
To spend alone in my hotel as my life goes by
And in the chaos I find peace and quiet
Nothing means anything I’m always tired
A flash of colour before I expire
It’s just a hug at the bar
Another voice in the choir

And it’s hard to explain
But I’ve been feeling this way
Like I’m watching myself
Live my life outside of me
Hold on
As life from my window seat moves on
Everything is temporary

Hold on
To seconds of life in slow motion
Everything is temporary
Here it comes
The chorus of the morning
In volumes merciless and overwhelming
Take my hand and walk with me into the glory of my ending
I am nothing
But ain’t that something?

‘Suicide and Sunshine’ will be released through Hopeless Records on June 23rd.


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