Trophy Eyes Reveal Fourth Album Details (‘Suicide and Sunshine’)

Trophy Eyes 2023

Aussie quartet Trophy Eyes have shared details of their fourth album.

It’s called ‘Suicide and Sunshine’ and will be released through Hopeless Records on June 23rd.

It’s an album about “the human experience”

Upon announcing the album, the band said the album is about contrast; the light and the dark, beauty and tragedy.

Expanding on this frontman John Floreani explained, “It’s the human experience, what we experience and how we navigate it. The millions of tiny flashes of light that are memories and thoughts and feelings and smells, all those little moments make up a lifetime. They’re beautifully tragic because they don’t mean anything to anyone, and on the scale of everything in the universe don’t mean a damn thing. But it’s so beautiful that they happen in the first place.”

Listen to Trophy Eyes’ new single – ‘What Hurts The Most’

If you’re familiar with Trophy Eyes‘ work, then you’ll know Floreani pours plenty of emotion into his band’s work, emerging with deeply personal songs. The album’s leadoff single, ‘What Hurts The Most’, is no different. It’s been described as “a haunting song about pain, loss, and learning to say goodbye to relationships you’ve outgrown.” 

The track captures Floreani distinct emotive voice, backed by a driving hook and swirling instrumentation.

Check out the video for ‘What Hurts The Most’ below.

What is the track listing and album artwork for ‘Suicide and Sunshine’?

‘Suicide and Sunshine’ will be Trophy Eyes’ first album since 2018’s ‘The American Dream’. In the five years since then, they parted ways with guitarists Kevin Cross and Andrew Hallett (who co-produced the new album), and released several singles including ‘Blue Eyed Boy’, which appears on ‘Suicide and Sunshine’.

You can view the full track listing and album artwork below.

Suicide and Sunshine' artwork trophy eyes

1. Sydney
2. Life In Slow Motion
3. People Like You
4. My Inheritance
5. Blue Eyed Boy
6. Runaway Come Home
7. Burden
8. Sean
9. What Hurts The Most
10. OMW
11. Kill
12. Sweet Soft Sound
13. Stay Here
14. Epilogue

When are Trophy Eyes back in the UK?

UK fans will get a sneak peek of the album when Trophy Eyes return to the UK in May for the Slam Dunk Festival.

27th Slam Dunk Festival South, Hatfield
28th Slam Dunk Festival North, Leeds


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