Album Review: Annabel – Youth In Youth


As the tube rolls into Moor Park station I snap out of my own little world and realise that I’ve sailed passed my stop. This isn’t a frequent occurrence. I’m regimented with my travel to the point that I know the doors nearest to the station exits, yet tonight this blip on my commute home isn’t an issue. I’ve been so engrossed in ‘Youth In Youth’, the second album from Ohio based Annabel, that nothing else mattered. It’s never felt so good to miss my stop.

From the marching band inspired drumming on ‘Young American’ to the slow burning ‘Our Days Were Numbered’, Annabel have crafted a release that’s easy to get lost in. Here the beauty lies in the bands ability to lure you into tracks such as ‘Home’, which at first seems like routine indie-rock filler, before then throwing you into one of the most exciting instrumental break down I’ve heard in years. If that’s not enough them ‘The Dept. of Mutual Appreciation’ see us at the peak of our musical journey with its minute long guitar powered interlude. This shouldn’t take away from some of the more direct moments however. ‘Anti-Directions’ is a driven number led by, and rarely must it be said, strong vocal melodies and memorable lyrics.

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I’m sure my hyperbole could lead you to conclude that Annabel’s album is somewhat indulgent and overly complicated. It is punchy enough in the right places too, though is probably never likely to stand out to those who seek more immediate hooks in their music. In truth the tracks never outstay their welcome and that’s a key to my enjoyment.

‘Youth In Youth’is a fantastic album which slides effortlessly between intricately layered guitar riffs and huge foot stomping tunes. It feels like an adventure and I’m still finding new paths and secrets on my tenth listen.


‘Youth In Youth’ by Annabel is out now on Count Your Lucky Stars.

Annabel links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Tom Beck.


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