Album Review: Blood Youth – Closure EP

Never give up. If your life revolves around your passion, don’t let hurdles get in the way of achieving everything you have ever dreamed of. Take Blood Youth for example. Rather than bow down to adversity and obstacles, the band have plowed on through and started to cause a real ripple on the underground circuit. Following up last year’s debut ‘Inside My Head’ in similarly rowdy fashion, the Harrogate quintet will be looking to cement themselves even further into the hearts and ears of the adoring public with new effort ‘Closure’.

From the moment the throwback tinkling of ‘Breathe’ tears into the colossal drum roll and blistering riff of ‘247,’ Blood Youth immediately lay all their cards on the table then proceed to flip it, douse it in petrol and set it alight.

Binding together the piercing angst of Beartooth with the uncompromised party aesthetic of Every Time I Die, the band tear at their own deep-set consciousness and wellbeing with a real hunger and ear for groove. Though not as direct a hit to the jugular as their first effort, the content is still a considerable step up in song writing and musical approach. ‘247’ incorporates reminiscently nu metal-esque screeches and chugs alongside its creamy metalcore centre, while ‘Mood Swing’ and ‘Closure’ have an underlying pop rock flavor that help stop things from becoming too stale too quick. That said, it doesn’t stop Blood Youth from producing some of the catchiest and addictively burrowing mosh parts this side of the River Nidd.

With ‘Closure’ Blood Youth have once again proven why they are one of the brightest sparks in the current crop of hungry bands looking for the ultimate break. Carving out a sound and identity that is quintessentially them and possessing the ability to settle into a hardcore or metal show just as much as they could a pop punk or rock show, if the band can keep this winning streak up they could be on the verge of something rather spectacular.


‘Closure’ by Blood Youth is released in March 11th on Rude Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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