Album Review: Boysetsfire – Boysetsfire

Twenty one years since their formation and five years into their reunion, Delaware sons Boysetsfire are finally starting to really pickup the pace again. Off the back of 13’s critically endeared ‘While A Nation Sleeps…’the post hardcore legends return with another collection of politically and socially heated anthems for a failing world, with hopes of sparking the revolution or at the very least conjuring a stage dive or two.

From the old school stench of opener ‘Savage Blood’ all the way through to the crowd killing bounce of closer ‘Bled Dry’, Boysetsfire play with the vigor and reason of band half their age. The band jump from the honestly bruising to the vitally rousing within a change of track and come out the other end with an album for every variety of music fan there is. ‘Don’t Panic’ flies by with vintage hardcore rage while ‘Ordinary Lives’ delivers a rallying cry for the ages.

Boysetsfire have always had a knack for setting pulses rushing and igniting a sense of need for change. And with the uncomforting riffs and malice splattered shouts of ‘The Filth Is Rising’ and the towering pop hooks and uncompromised pride of ‘Torches To Paradise’, they are more than looking to let that trend continue. &lsqo;Heaven Knows’ then builds with empowering grit before ‘Breathe In, Bleed Out’ helps to see things out in a sentimental and lasting manner.

‘Boysetsfire’ achieves exactly what it intends to. It breathes more life into the fully functioning machine that the band are these days, while also managing to ruffle feathers and preach change with enough pent up angst and soaring emotional melody to make the majority sit up and take notice. Though it may overstay its welcome a little by the time its frenzied conclusion roles round, this is Boysetsfire at their most free flowing and fearless and being able to achieve that after so long in the game is something to be applauded.


‘Boysetsfire’ by Boysetsfire is out now on End Hits Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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