Album Review: Hit The Lights – Just To Get Through To You EP

Masters of the heartfelt pop punk laments, Hit The Lights’ only desire is ‘Just To Get Through To You’.

Ohio’s hopeless romantics have been around the block since their last EP venture, a good four years’ break has shown they’re perfectly capable of tugging at heartstrings in such a restricted format. ‘Just To Get Through To You’ is an acoustic gift to their dedicated following, revisiting every era of their 13 years together, but otherwise much of a muchness.

Pun-tastic opener ‘Blasphemy Myself and I’ sheds yet more honest light on ‘Summer Bones’ hook-filled number, proving these cynical sorrowful notes come from a genuine place. Second record ‘Skip School, Start Fights’ is represented by the contagious ‘Drop The Girl’, just as dismissive of time-wasting females as its predecessor if a little less in-your-face.

Suppressed emotional fatigue courses through the reflective strum of ‘Summer Bones’ and the displaced ‘Fucked Up Kids’ hits a fresh empathetic tone throughout, with voluminous echoes to substitute for its original racing energy. This remarkable transformation makes the EP worth its while alone – a solidarity tale plays out behind the strings beyond its original heavy production.

When heartbreak comes knocking, you answer the door cautiously with ‘Save Your Breath’s newfound gut-wrenching betrayal in the background. Standing the ground for their first album, this driven acoustic rendition proves Nick Thompson’s abilities to make their previous material his own.

Ensuring this doesn’t become a pointless release, new track ‘Lighthouse’ clashes with its companions with loved-up feeling, clearly not as honed as its predecessors but it soon breaks into punchy sentiment to close out on a fervent reminder of their worth.

An acoustic EP was never going to shake the earth beneath Hit The Lights’ feet, but it’s a quaint addition to their back catalogue should hardcore addicts need affirmation of their success.


’Just To Get Through To You EP’ by Hit The Lights is out now on Pure Noise Records.

Hit The Lights links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)


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