Album Review: Lonely The Brave – Things Will Matter

When you create an almost flawless record as ‘The Day’s War’, it is inevitable its follow-up will have high, nearly unbeatable expectations. Nevertheless Lonely The Brave’s second album, ‘Things Will Matter,’ simply takes all that was good the first time round and amplifies them to a grander scale.

Opening with ‘Wait In The Car’, the always mesmerising David Jakes unwillingly takes centre stage as minimalist tones compliment, serving as an intimate introduction before recent singles ‘Black Mire’ and ‘Rattlesnakes’ bring about a sense of familiarity with their bombastic approach. It’s no doubt that Lonely The Brave can deliver a set of thrilling, straight-forward rock songs that have the ability to unite any crowd. New cuts ‘Strange Like I’ with its unintentional hook of “you’re quite strange like I” and ‘Radar’ with its intense sharp, thick bass line and stringent guitars pull this off in a similar vein.

Whilst their “made for stadium” approach is perhaps what Lonely The Brave are best known for, it is their more tranquil songs where they really shine as a collective. ‘Diamond Days’ carries itself with charm through soothing, atmospheric guitars before surging forward harmoniously as Jakes and guitarist Mark Trotter sing “for those diamond days.” With a radiant undertone, it’s an early and slightly unexpected highlight. Likewise ‘Tank Wave’ sees distant guitars weave in and out amongst a satisfying, swaying tempo.

Through towering guitars and Jakes’ soaring voice, ‘Boxes’ is another highlight as LTB once again show their ability to grab hold of you and leave you hanging on to every word. Nevertheless, the concluding ‘Jaws Of Hell’ captures what LTB are all about. The combination of impassioned lyrics and stunning musicianship creates a breathtaking display.

Although some may consider this as ‘The Day’s War’ part II, ‘Things Will Matter’ sees Lonely The Brave evolve as musicians and as songwriters proving to be more considerable, taking in a range of layers and tones throughout. Once again, they have proven their potential is almost endless. Lonely The Brave are a great rock band that deserves to be embraced by all that are willing to give them a chance.


’Things Will Matter’ by Lonely The Brave is released on May 20th on Hassle Records.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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