Album Review: Mono / The Ocean – Transcendental

Mono / The Ocean - Transcendental
Both Mono and The Ocean have established the sort of names that 15 years in the game should reward you with. Their ongoing success in the world of sprawling epic music has culminated in a shared LP of experience and expertise. A bold statement releasing one song each, but one which gives plenty of substance and considerable style across the combined 24 minutes running time of Transcendental.

The Mono composition ’Death In Reverse’ takes on more of an emotionally drained building face, with delicate guitars descending into engulfing noise and heart-wrenching devastation, before culminating in aura-shifting strings and powerful keys. The Ocean’s effort ’The Quiet Observer’ plays more with jagged strings and keys before building into blackened riffs and rallying shouts. While both being very different tracks on the surface, as a whole product this LP shares many noteworthy similarities and plenty of beautiful talking points.

Both being masters of their trade, Mono and The Ocean have produced the level of music that they are both notably capable of, but have also taken the time to learn from each other and produce tracks that both compliment each other. With new full-lengths surely on the horizon for both, this effort provides a refreshingly poignant palette cleanser before the real heaviness begins.


’Transcendental’ by Mono / The Ocean is released on October 23rd on Pelagic Records.

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The Ocean links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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