Album Review: My Iron Lung – Learn To Leave

My Iron Lung have been making quite the name for themselves these past few years. From ‘12’s short but sweet debut ‘Grief’ to the stain left by ‘14’s gritty debut ‘Relief’, one of Pure Noise Records little hidden gems have been dealing out their dark and dreary post hardcore as if it is second nature, and you better believe their latest offering ‘Learn To Leave’ is just as damning.

There’s a real feeling of desolation within My Iron Lung’s music. A vulnerability and honesty that pushes them forward from the crowd, and in to the hearts of all that can relate to the turmoil the band has clearly been through. Coiling around you like a snake, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, feeling your blood slowly freeze. ‘Learn To Leave’

feels like all this and then some.

At times sounding like Touché Amoré if they had spent the summer binging on Radiohead, the band deliver track after track of emotionally charged music that isn’t afraid to bare its scars. ‘Mend’ jitters and sways with bubbling intensity and sincerity, ‘When Tragedy Strikes’ jangles and jolts between heart crunching honesty and twisted guitar licks and the title track and ‘Damage’ are in bursts almost pop punk in melody but not in subject matter. This is music made for venting. Songs filled with pent up rage and difficult feelings that can only be expressed through the art of songwriting. It’s heavy music, but not in the conventional manner.

My Iron Lung bleed because it is all that they know. They dedicate their tremendous musical talent to exorcising demons that they couldn’t in any other manner and ‘Learn To Leave’ shows they have a lot to spare. Their layering of poetic refrains, jagged riffs and deeply punishing tales of woe make for an at times uncomfortable but no less intoxicating listen. Post-hardcore has found its heart again, and it’s about damn time.


‘Learn To Leave’ by My Iron Lung is out now on Pure Noise Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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