Album Review: No Bragging Rights – The Concrete Flower

No Bragging Rights return with ’The Concrete Flower’, their follow up to 2012’s ’Cycles’. Claimed by the band to be them at their best, No Bragging Rights have re-joined their original label Pure Noise Records to release the album; but will it live up to our expectations with the quintet having made such a bold claim?

’Strength Through Struggle’ introduces the record on a emotionally passionate note, with vocalist Mike Perez occupying an almost suffering tone through his raw screams, as he’s backed by striking percussion and down-tempo melodies. A fiercer side of the band is introduced in title track ’The Concrete Flower’ and ’Right Minded’, where the band deliver pounding drum-lines that up the energy, along with raucous riffs that would tear open a pit within seconds in a live atmosphere.

Down-tempo chugs are nailed in ’Attention’ highlighting the hardcore tendencies of the band by combining them with harsher vocals, whilst intricate melodies layered through the rest of the track allow it to transition from rapid to slower speeds whilst constantly maintaining the band’s heavy nature. This is a real highlight on the record and a true testament to No Bragging Right’s endless ability to encapsulate every element of their genre successfully.

Elements of punk are highlighted in parts of the record, particularly during ’Brave Hearts’ which also features some of the catchiest, filthiest hooks on the album. Cleaner vocals occasionally shine through, especially in big choruses in the likes of ’Downhearted’ to deliver the type of songs you’ll be screaming from the top of your lungs.

No Bragging Rights have lived up to and exceeded our expectations. ’The Concrete Flower’ is a bold and powerful record that oozes with passion; we agree that it really is them at their best. This is one of the strongest melodic hardcore records that we’ve come across in 2014 so far and No Bragging Rights have well and truly nailed it.


‘The Concrete Flower’ by No Bragging Rights is out now on Pure Noise Records.

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Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)


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