Album Review: RÊVE – La Marionette

Ever wondered what the sonic love child of Pvris, Thirty Seconds To Mars and Within Temptation would sound like? To be honest us neither, but we’ve just heard it in the form of ‘La Marionette’ the debut mini album from Baltimore’s RÊVE. And we have to admit it’s a bit special.

RÊVE bring to the party a mysterious, ever changing array of gorgeous otherworldly soundscapes that combine pop-rock, classical arrangements and hints of gothi-metal to dreamlike and intriguing effect. After a protracted instrumental opener ‘Marionettes’ gets things meaningfully under way, crunching chords expanding into floaty effects-laden riffs before a driving rock chorus. The track quickly shows off the quality and versatility of singer Athena’s vocals as she brings grit and power to the chorus after putting in airy, delicate verses. Later on, ‘Inheritance’ takes hold, all spiralling keys and interwoven electronics with pounding, intricate drums to back another towering vocal effort.

The release gets its standout moment in ‘Like Moths’ a shifting five-and-a-half-minute epic complete with beautiful vocals and even sweeter strings. The track builds to a mighty chorus that’s as heart-pounding as it is intense. While ‘Orpheus’ takes the musical repertoire even further bringing a lure of the exotic and a taste of the east, sitars and a bewitching drawn-out singing style that takes the listener to another place entirely.

In an era when bands have a tendency to play it safe with their first releases, RÊVE have bucked the trend to make an introduction that’s refreshingly unpredictable, enchantingly compelling and most importantly interesting and unique. Out of nowhere we may have one of the most must hear introductions of 2016.


‘La Marionette’ by RÊVE is out released on September 20th.

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Words by Dane Wright (@MrDaneWright)


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