Album Review: ReVerbed – Another Year Still Here EP

ReVerbed - Another Year, Still HereReVerbed have been around for a few years now, churning out an aggressive style of pop-punk that sets them apart from other UK bands at the moment. The Doncaster-based quartet had planned to release a full 10-track album before deciding upon this shorter EP featuring the best 4 songs from the album sessions. This was clearly a great move – each song packs more punch than most other EPs of the year so far.

Opening track ‘Breathe In/Breathe Out’ starts with some fantastic dual vocals and guitar before kicking in with a huge Foo Fighters-esque riff. Zoe Waugh’s vocals can go from quiet to intense in a heartbeat, while George Donoghue’s harsher tones adds a more post hardcore element to each song. Based on this release ReVerbed have moved towards a more straight up rock sound and it suits them extremely well.

‘Bury Me’ has been streaming online for a while now and has received a pretty rapturous reception so far. It gets going a lot quicker than ‘Breathe In/Breathe Out’ and again utilises the differences between the two vocalists to great effect. Halfway through, ReVerbed seem to enter a brief Deftones phase with an enormous breakdown section. This is certainly a very different approach to pop punk than we are used to. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it almost seems the band are underselling themselves with the pop-punk tag – there is plenty more to ReVerbed than one would expect. Fans of any rock sub-genre will find plenty in ‘Another Year, Still Here’ to get their teeth into.


’Another Year, Still Here EP’ by ReVerbed is released on 23rd October.

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Words by Andy McGonigle (@andyjmcg87)


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