Album Review: Seasons – Seasons EP

Just as winter turns to spring, the musical landscape is forever changing and rotating like the seasons. New bands constantly pop up from the ground, clawing for your attention and thinking they have what it takes to go from zero to hero through the medium of riffs. Seasons only formed 5 months ago and already have songs and a solid local backing behind them. It’s just a matter of making sure everybody knows who they are now.

Pushing together the soaring melodies of Mallory Knox with the soulful grit of Deaf Havana, the band’s debut EP is a very well worn but no less an enjoyable listen. Opener ‘Sailed Ships’ has a harsh crunch hiding below its sing-along anthemics, while ‘Rumours’ gallops and bounds with almost nostalgic rhythm and engrossing instrumentals. It’s left up to the empowered balladry of ‘Seven Years’ to line up bubbling and passionate closer ‘The Runaway’ and put this first effort from the band down as a considerable victory.

All in all, ‘Seasons’ is a perfectly acceptable chunk of sharp and squeaky-clean rock music. Possessing a high level of accessibility and mainstream appeal while also holding enough bite to prevent it from going stale, these Bedfordshire boys have crafted a sound that is both familiar but thoroughly theirs as well. Only time will tell if it’s enough to draw in a scene wide fanbase though.


‘Seasons’ EP by Seasons is released on March 25th.

Seasons links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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