Album Review: SECRETS – Everything That Got Us Here

SECRETS – Everything That Got Us Here
If you ever wondered what got SECRETS where they are now, their new full-length effort tells the tale through a haunting melodic soundtrack to heartbreak.

For a band that’s been together only 5 years, SECRETS are quite possibly one of the tightest lineups in post-hardcore, as every track is tailored perfectly to the seductive vocal contrast between Richard’s cleans and new unclean vocalist Wade Walters. Splitting this full-length evenly between the sorrow of a breakup and the journey to recovery, ‘Everything That Got Us Here’ showcases the same energy as 2013’s ‘Fragile Figures’, but extracts its raw appeal and replaces it with a more polished gem.

The remorseful, solemn opening notes of ‘In Loving Memory’ soon burst into Wade’s devastating growls, as Richard’s signature melancholy takes centre stage. Downtrodden by life, ‘For What It’s Worth’ attempts to move on with a melodic heartache laced with vengeful tones, a glittering soundtrack to a breakup and the consequent breakdown.

“I think I’ll be alright, just wring me out to dry til there’s nothing left inside,” cries the anguish of ‘Half Alive’, decrying the pursuit of love through Richard’s angelic tones. An echoing anthem to denial, ‘I’ll Be Fine’ closes the first half of proceedings with the assertive presence of drummer Joe making himself known.

Making the transition toward recovery, ‘Learn to Love’ provides the B-side of solidarity and vengeance, biting back through distinct versatile vocals and a driven catchy groove. Beyond its furious opening notes, ‘Left Behind’ carries so much conviction behind every gut-wrenching scream and heart-breaking cry. “I’ve got a feeling the world just left me behind,” Richard laments, leaving lasting thought-provoking moments in its wake.

‘Rise Up’, on the other hand, uses repetition to full effect in creating a sentiment that has just enough fight left in it to pick up the pieces. Amid techy infusions and a powerful guitar contribution, ‘The Man That Never Was’ again refuses to lose its strength to fight. Wade comes off as almost demonic throughout racing closer ‘Turn the Page’, offsetting the enchanting acoustic beauty of predecessor and album highlight ‘The One with No One’.

For fans of ‘Fragile Figures’, there’s no replacement for ‘Forever and Never’, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. SECRETS have employed a crisper production on ‘Everything That Got Us Here’, and it’s a smooth progression to be expected as they climb the post-hardcore ranks.


’Everything That Got Us Here’ by SECRETS is out now on Rise Records.

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Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)


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