Album Review: Shit Present – Shit Present EP

Shit Present - Shit PresentIt’s testament to the strength of the DIY scene that a supergroup such as Shit Present could not only exist but generate a considerable buzz prior to the release of this, their self-titled debut.

Featuring members (and former members) of Gnarwolves, The Computers, OK Pilot and The Smith Street Band, as well as Iona Cairns of Great Cynics on vocal duties, Shit Present features talented folk right at the top of their game. And, after the hugely successful 18 months all of these bands have experienced, it’s the perfect opportunity to cut loose from the day jobs and have a bit of fun.

Fortunately, ‘Shit Present’ is that and so much more.

Cairns is a wonderful vocalist, in possession of a voice that can go from a driving rasp to a soothing croon. Having originally started out as a solo project – which I’d have expected to be every bit as good – roping in Gnarwolves’ Thom Weeks, Fitzy Fitzgerald (TSSB) and Ben Cottam (OK Pilot) was inspired, however. Songs such as ‘Kick Me’ and ‘Evaporate’ rattle along with such exuberant verve they’re instant classics. With lyrical themes about anxiety and growing up running through the five songs, there’s a depth at odds with the blistering indie-punk, but there’s plenty here to make you coming back for repeated listens.

The pace drops somewhat on the introspective ‘Melbourne’, but it’s a gorgeous 3 minutes and lyrically one of the finest songs you could hear all year. Cairns can capture feelings and emotions perfectly and ‘Melbourne’ is a song many twenty-somethings could relate to.

The beauty of ‘Shit Present’ is that it should appeal to everyone who likes the work of the band’s constituent members, yet it shouldn’t really be defined by these bands either. ‘Shit Present’ is strong enough to stand on its own two feet and, like all great EPs, it leaves you eager to hear more.


’Shit Present’ by Shit Present is out now on Specialist Subject.

Shit Present links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Rob Mair (@BobNightMair)


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