Album Review: State Champs – Overslept EP

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am a big fan of Pop Punk, and over the last few years the genre has made somewhat of a renaissance with a whole crop of new bands becoming popular. Whilst many labels have benefited from this, including California’s Pure Noise Records, which has made a reputation for itself by consistently releasing really good Pop Punk and Hardcore releases; The Story So Far, The American Scene, and Forever Came Calling. However despite this high standard, I have to admit I was left disappointed from the labels latest offering – State Champs.

‘Overslept’ is a quick blast of standard Pop Punk that more than often fails to live up to expectations. Admittedly coming it at just the 11 minute mark and with only four songs; the first (‘Tonsil Hockey’) being a 40 second instrumental intro, State Champs don’t give themselves enough time to make a solid impression. Nevertheless the Albany, New York group hit all the right marks with ‘Critical’ and ‘We Are the Brave’ showing the bands energetic, bouncy sound yet it doesn’t quite grab you and sounds very unoriginal.

One saving grace from ‘Overslept’ is vocalist Derek Discanio has the potential to define the bands future sound with a powerful set of lungs that soar in the right places and bite during the bands more aggressive, up-tempo moments (‘Remedy.’)

Ultimately State Champs‘ début release doesn’t quite have that same zest that other bands within the genre have thrived off in recent times. Because of this ‘Overslept’ has the tendency to leave you into easily comparing them to everyone from All Time Low to The Wonder Years. Whilst the foundations are subtly there to do great things; their style is straight to the point and fans of massive hooks will fall for this, yet you can’t help but think State Champs are one band that may fall into obscurity in a genre that is becoming clustered. 


‘Overslept’ EP by State Champs is available now on Pure Noise Records.

State Champs links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)


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