Album Review: The Early November – Imbue

Critically acclaimed emo five-pieceThe Early November are finaly back with ‘Imbue’ their second full length release since their hiatus. Vocalist Ace Enders has already gone as far as saying that this release from the New Jersey outfit is his favourite album he has ever worked on. Coming from a man with a plethora of releases, this is high praise indeed. Enders attributes this to the “distinct personalities of each song”. These distinct personalities can often lead to a stop start record, that never really gets going. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with ‘Imbue’.

It is clear from the first minute of opening track Narrow Mouth that we are in for a great ride, the pounding drums and heavy riffs building into a huge chorus. The change in dynamics is a technique that The Early November have certainly nailed as its one that is pulled off to perfection throughout the whole album.

Second track ‘Better This Way’ is another great song. Starting with a haunting intro and verse before another huge crash of a chorus, it allows Enders to show off his vocal prowess. Despite his remarks about each song having its own personality. The opening few tracks of this album flow into each other expertly and its obvious that the band are really pushing to try something new, with outstanding consequences.

‘Broken Timelines’ brings yet another side of the band to the fore, introducing a more upbeat and warm side to the ‘Imbue’ sound. It is impossible not to draw comparisons to the mellower side of band’s like Brand New and Circa Survive. Tracks like ‘Circulation’ and ‘Harmony’ are equally as strong as the heavier more hard hitting sounds of ‘Narrow Minds’ and ‘Broken Time’. ‘Imbue’ is definitely an album that needs to be listened to in one sitting to appreciate.

The clever use of ambience coupled with outstanding vocal lines, crushing drums and hard hitting riffs makes ‘Imbue’ one of the most well balanced and well rounded records of the year thus far. Although it could perhaps benefit from slightly more melodic ideas, the variation between songs makes ‘Imbue’ a very exciting listen indeed.


‘Imbue’ by The Early November is out now on Rise Records.

The Early November links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Andy McGonigle (@andyjmcg87)


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