Album Review: The Parallel – Embark EP

There’s a heck of a lot to take in during the brief but tantalising 14 minutes or so of the debut EP from Canada’s The Parallel. What starts out sounding like just another metalcore record soon morphs into a riot of math-metal, hardcore and prog and despite how horrific of a mix that sounds, it’s bloody brilliant!

There’s a real air of intent about the 4 tracks on the EP from a band who I’d wager had a pretty good idea what they wanted to achieve from the outset. Title track ‘Embark’ is a lightning quick scene-setter and before you’ve even had chance to get your head round the staccato riffing and Dillinger Escape Plan-esque solos, it’s gone.

It’s all about layers with The Parallel and in some way they’re like an aural illusion. Separated, the sum parts of the final product would sound odd but laid on top of each other it comes together with remarkable cohesion and intricacy.

The tech metal scene has always been about brains, but The Parallel are a step beyond. ’Embark’ EP is a coming together of very clever musicians making very clever music – the album should be a doozy!


‘Embark EP by The Parallel is out now on Subliminal Groove.

The Parallel links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Rob Fearnley.


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