Album Review: Tigercub – Repressed Semantics EP

Tigerclub – Repressed Semantics After a several high-profile support tours and a couple of singles last year, this is Tigercub’s first real pitch outside of their hometown Brighton, hub of an increasing amount of UK talent.

The band’s opening gambit ‘Pictures of You’. is an initial dream-like, haunting off-key serenade before a rather sudden and liberating burst of energy, the essence and vitality of which is in fact, on the whole, maintained throughout the EP.

Whilst lyrically the band remains rather subtle (never truly conveying any real story or message), musically they are anything but. Their distorted tones (which would have done Motorhead proud) sucker punch through conjuring images of grunge revival bands such as Milk Teeth/ God Damn (particularly on evidence on the track ‘Antiseptic’) and in places (such as the opening to ‘Rich Boy’), a tame Converge.

The record’s standout track ‘Bittersweet Motherfucker’ condenses the strengths of this EP: the occasional catchy vocal hook (despite being based on dry lyrical content); full-figured and punchy guitar tones; angst and fantastic production, enabling the listener to pick out each and every instrumental detail. The drawbacks, however, relate to the lyrical tact. Intentional as it may be, it’s difficult to engage with the listener if you don’t reveal yourself.

Without a doubt, the EP demonstrates a band that would clearly be well-suited to the live arena, and it further acts as a great introduction to the band. What’s stopping this from becoming a 5-star record is the inability to connect with its content. With some lyrical refinement on the next outing, this band will be another UK force to be reckoned with.


’Repressed Semantics EP’ by Tigercub is released on 27th November on Venn Records.

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Words by Mark Bussey (@markbussey)


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