Casey Tease Third Album with ‘Puncture Wounds to Heaven’

Casey Band Promo September 2023
Photo Credit Martyna Bannister

Late last year, Welsh post-hardcore group Casey reformed. Now as they embark on their first US tour, the quintet have shared a new track called ‘Puncture Wounds to Heaven’.

It sees Casey in fine form. Its urgent start gives way to a succulent melodic number that erupts in its later stages.  ‘Puncture Wounds to Heaven’ is also the first single from the band’s yet-to-be-announced third album, which is expected to be released through Hassle Records.

The track also sets out the core theme of the upcoming, as vocalist Tom Weaver explained; “‘Puncture Wounds to Heaven’ centres around the themes of apathy and the guilt that can arise as a result. The “coming up for air” sensation as you briefly snap out of a depressive episode, and survey how life has progressed around you. This is a core theme that carries throughout the new record, and musically the dichotomy between the smooth verses and the chaotic middle 8 really demonstrated that in a visceral way for us.”

Casey‘s frontman also said the band’s third album is “vocally (and musically) the most ambitious we’ve ever been, but still feels quintessentially Casey.”

‘Puncture Wounds to Heaven’ Lyrics

I barely notice as you pick up all the pieces.
How long have I been like this?

You must be tired, and I’m still trying to find the words to compensate for how vacant I’ve been today. Can’t believe that I would take you for granted. God I hate myself for letting you shoulder the weight for two. If it gets too much to hold, I won’t blame you if you go.

In every conversation you fight for my attention, but I can feel the ennui that wears down your affection.

Does it help if I say I’m sorry?
I know you must be tired, but I’m scared because I don’t recognise myself

So whose role have I been modeled after?
Mothers warmth and fathers laughter,
and yet somewhere in between with my anxiety and guilt.
Oh, what is the price of my reprieve
if not a life of misery?
Held hostage by a blade of shame,
with your name at the hilt.

But I still can’t find the words to compensate for how vacant I have been. Never meant to take you for granted, but I know that I did. God I hate myself for how you must think about me now. Know how much it hurts to grieve, but please don’t hate me if I leave.


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